Our goal is to manage your portfolio with consistent growth but without the volatility that typically accompanies a traditional stock and bond portfolio.

Investment Management

  • Sophisticated Portfolio Analysis
  • Asset Allocation Modeling
  • Diversified Investment Portfolios
  • Open Architecture Investment Platform
    • Equity Investing
    • Fixed Income Investing
    • Alternative Investment Strategies
    • Single Stock /Concentrated Position Strategies
  • Fee Based, Discretionary Portfolio Management

We believe that asset allocation is the foundation of any client’s long-term strategy.

The most important step in managing your investments is determining the appropriate asset mix that will give you the balance between risk and return that matches your personal goals. Taking on significant risk does not always result in higher returns.

Owning a portfolio that is a combination of asset classes will typically reduce its sensitivity. Our flexible investment approach and our expertise with alternative asset classes go well beyond the conventional portfolio mix of stocks and bonds. Learn more about our asset allocation philosophy by clicking on “Why We Are Different.

We provide diversified investment portfolios.

We choose managers who are specialists in different strategies and asset classes such as equities, fixed-income, merger-arbitrage, commodities, emerging markets, REITS, and distressed debt, among many others. Sometimes these are managers of mutual funds and sometimes the manager will deploy his strategy directly in your account. We believe having a full complement of vetted managers allows us to be adaptive to the challenges posed by today’s marketplace.

Diligence – we focus on hiring the best managers available.

We devote significant time and resources to uncovering and evaluating new investment opportunities. We start with a three step process:

  1. Find an attractive investment strategy or premise.
  2. Find a manager with an edge in this space.
  3. Determine whether the edge is viable going forward.

We follow the first three steps with in-depth review of the manager’s process and philosophy, investment team, and past performance. Our thorough understanding of our selected managers, their investment strategies and their specific expertise helps us to select a group of managers who we believe will work in combination for your benefit.

We invest in liquid and “transparent” investments.

What is a liquid investment? It is one you can sell readily. What does it mean when we say a security is transparent? It means you can see and easily understand what is contained within the investment. We like to know what we are buying and that we can sell it when we need to.